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Ways to Make Your Bed to Lift Your Mood

We’ve all heard the teaching, ‘Making your bed will set you up for a better day.’ If you are a bed maker then you know it’s often one of your first accomplishments of the day; an easy check off your long list of things to do.  It can increase your productivity and give you that boost of power or energy you usually need to accomplish must bigger tasks. But how you make your bed can be the difference between starting off on top or digger yourself deeper into that black hole of laziness and depression. This is why we wanted to encourage you to make your bed each day to not only tidy your space but to make you feel better. Below are a few of our favorite ways to make the bed that will help you spark mark positive energy in your life and in your space.

   Ways To Make Your Bed

ways to make your bed

  1.  Add Plenty of  Pillows that are different sizes
  2. Add a Quilt that matches the current season
  3.  Use light or vibrant colors for a more airy feel
  4. Be Sure to let as much natural light in as possible

Although there are many other ways to make up your bed, these elements are likely to lift your mood and spark happy endorphins.  Play around with what works for you and try to force yourself out of bed each day to make your bed.

Do you make your bed everyday? If so what elements do you use? 

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