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GrayLove 005: Deraj Global on Trusting Your Journey – You Are Right Where You Need To Be, Trust the Process

This episode is for those who are in the space between dreaming about a certain thing and achieving that goal. #thatgrayspace My goal for this episode is to encourage you to trust where you are on the path to where you are going. Deraj is a successful Music producer and the story of how he achieved success is motivation for all of us to stop comparing our personal or professional journey to others. He talks about how to trust the process and how to keep going when you stumble upon road blocks.

Everybody’s Journey is Different.  Everything that you are going through right now is a part of your journey to a better place. Listening to Deraj’s story on how he was homeless for years before achieving his goals but didn’t stop is testament as to where determination and commitment can take you. He recognized the hard times as necessary hurdles to push him to the place where he wanted to be.

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  1. Know where you are going
  2. Stay committed
  3. Be patient
  4. Show up when no one is watching

Links mentioned in this episode

  1. Deraj Global Instagram: @DerajGlobal
  2. My Instagram: @iam_KIMf (Let me know what you think of this episode)

Trust the process

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