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8 Netflix Shows That Should Be On Your Watchlist Now

Netflix is like God’s gift to the people. Maybe it’s his wonderful way to take our minds off the ridiculousness of this screwed up world we live in or maybe, due to the surplus of information and seriousness around us, it’s his subtle way of handing us small breaks of pleasure perfectly divided into episodes. Whatever the case may be, there are Netflix shows available for every problem and personality.

If you have not yet stepped into this decade by handing over your coins to, we would strongly advise you redirect some of that over-priced takeout money to this subscription based haven or beg a friend to add you to their user list. Cooking easy dinners at home is the new thing anyway. Plus, It’s totally worth the $10.99 monthly subscription or the praise to a friend.

Side note –  this is not a pitch or a paid Netflix sponsored post. We just love anything that can provide temporary escapes, daily wind-downs, or act as a prelude to a night of passion.  This year is all about Self- Care and Self Pleasure. Do yourself a favor and add binge-watching the best shows on Netflix to those categories.

Netflix shows

8 Netflix Shows You Need to Binge Watch

  1. Marvel’s The Punisher (2017) – It’s one of those military conspiracy Netflix shows about a former marine determined to get revenge on the people responsible for killing his family.
  2. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (2019) – This show will bring peace to your life if you actually follow Marie Kondo’s tidying tips. She uses her KonMarie Method to help families reclaim their space but teaching organization technics.
  3. You (2018) –  The show is exactly why you need to be careful of the content you place on social media.  It’s an Insta-Celeb’s worst nightmare.  In it, a deranged bookstore manager obsesses over a woman via social media.
  4. Stranger Things (2017) – It’s a thriller;  about a boy who vanishes and his disappearance causes a small town to uncover loads of secrets and terrifying forces
  5. The Crown (2017) – A drama about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped the 20th Century.
  6. Marvel’s Jessica Jones  (2018) – A dark show about a woman who is haunted by her past and uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can hurt anyone else.
  7. Better Call Saul (2017) – This Netflix show is a prequel to Breaking Bad. It follows small-time attorney Jimmy McGill as he transforms into Morally Challenged lawyer Saul Goodman.
  8.  The Blacklist It reminds me of the show “24” in a weird nonrelated way. It’s about a criminal genius who turns himself into the FBI then helps them solve these insane cases.  To date, there are 5 seasons but it’s one of those thrillers worth the couch time.

What are your favorite Netflix shows? Whether it’s by yourself, with bae, or with the kids, tell me what a Netflix and chill day or night looks like for you?

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