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GrayLove 017: Instagram Lied. Motherhood is Hard. Give Yourself Grace.

This episode is for those, like me,  in the space between accepting their truths about motherhood and feeling a bit of guilt (#thatgrayspace). I wanted to share with you some of my own struggles in hopes that we can create a safe place to release conversations about the beauty of motherhood as well as the frustrations that it may bring. Motherhood is hard and we have to learn to relinquish judgment toward other women about it while creating positive communities around it.

Motherhood is Hard

A few topics we discuss in this episode are…

  1. How to stop the judgment of others mom and their style of parenting
  2. How to not let the opinions of others regarding motherhood bring you down
  3. GIving yourself permission to feel and own all aspects of motherhood, even the not so pretty moments
  4. The transition between 1 child and 2.
  5. Steps to creating a life outside of your children
  6. The importance of community in raising your children.

Motherhood is hard

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