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GrayLOVE 007: Sex Coach Cain on Sexual Discovery, Sexual Empowerment + Unlocking Intimacy Confidence In Relationships [Rated-R]

This episode is for those who desire sexual fulfillment in their relationship and want to work to improve bedroom intimacy with their partner. We talk about actionable steps to increase confidence and communication with your partner so that you both can achieve the sexual fulfillment that you both deserve.  The goal of this conversation is to help remove negative stigmas that people have with sex. If you are looking on advice on how to satisfy your man in bed or how to satisfy your woman in bed, I want you to take away from this podcast that it’s okay to ask questions and explore your sexuality with your mate


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 4 things to Learn from this podcast.

1.Sex is a Good thing

2 Communicate with your partners

3. Be Honest with yourself

4. Give yourself permission to explore your sexuality

Open your communication. You don’t have to be embarrassed if something goes wrong.  Stress in your sex life will leak in other areas of your life. You have to be intentional about improving your sex life

you can get everything you need at home if you just talk about it.

how to satisfy your man in bed


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