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toxic relationship

At What Point Do You Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

We spend way too much time trying to make a person become the fantasy that lives in our heads. We actually waste a shit load of time convincing ourselves that this person can be or might be … if only we hope a little harder. If

GrayLOVE 002: The Break Up From His Perspective

In this episode, you hear from my fiance about the break up that ripped our relationship apart a few years back.  You learn his feelings on why we broke up and how it changed him as a man but also how I was able to

Relationship Blog

Why I Chose Celibacy After Having His Baby

There is this order that life is supposed to follow. Meet him. Date him. Love him. Marry him. Reproduce with him. I’ve just never been that cookie-cutter. I tend to be sporadic and off-centered. Celibacy after having a baby was definitely not a conventional path.

Men who act like children

Help… My Man Acts Like A Needy Toddler

He’s great. He provides. He loves me and treats me like his queen. He’s nothing like the other guys that came before him. He makes me laugh. He is everything. I love him but … why does he act like a two year old waiting