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Category Archives: Parenting

Bedtime routines

Two Additions to Bedtime Routines That Will Upgrade Your Nights

Bedtime routines can be a toss-up between total chaos and distant memories. Especially when there are kids involved. You either remember the unorganized challenge it took to get everyone settled and tucked away or you wake up the next morning not knowing what happened, how

10 things I hate about motherrhood

10 Things I Hate About Motherhood

Yesterday when both of my kids were crying at the same time, I wrote on Instagram, “SOMETIMES I HATE MOTHERHOOD. I got 23 private dm messages from moms saying “me too” or “you are not alone”  and praising me for my candor. This baffles me.

3 Easy Steps To Wash Your Toddler’s Hair

Getting your toddler to sit still for anything is a pretty difficult task so getting their hair clean will require patience and lots of swift movement on your part. It might take you almost an hour to prep, shampoo, condition, detangle and style your hair