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ABOUT + KIMf |Editor’s Note

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Aside from the fact that GRAY is my husband’s last name, my son’s last name, and my new last name… it has always signified where I was much of my life…actually, where I still am now. As a writer, I love to play with words and their meanings. The word GRAY is me. Literally and Figuratively.

I don’t have it all figured out. I had to learn Self-care

As a new mom, I lived in a place between loving this new role in my life; wanting nothing more than to kiss and hold my baby and hating it, wishing I could have my old baby-free life back. As an “almost wife” I lived between loving him and our new family and hating him for the struggles we faced together. I live in a place between feeling like I have no friends, wanting to be alone and being the biggest social butterfly. To some, I had succeeded in my career and business life but to me, I was failing.


Everything about me was “In Between”. I call it the #GRAYSPACE. It was only recently when I had started to get the hang of balancing mom life, self-care, love life, career life, that I decided that happiness can exist in this Gray Space. I realize that I can be happy on my way to where I am going. It’s okay if I am not the wife yet, or the most popular girl, or if I  don’t quite know what I am doing as a mother, or if I haven’t reached success in my career yet,… I decided that this space is a part of my journey and I should embrace it.

Gray is that taboo area that no one is supposed to talk about. Like really, why would anyone say aloud that Motherhood is the worst at times or that they don’t like the man that they are about to marry or that the career they spent years building sucks? or that they are broke when they are trying so hard to hide that fact. It’s so wrong.

This platform is for the realist out there like me who recognize that this space of “not quite but almost” is real. Transitions are not the easiest but they are a part of the journey.

I write for everyone IN BETWEEN. Learn to love life right here.


Aside from my own words + encouragement, this platform is full of other writers, experts, enthusiasts who are actually helping me find peace in my #grayspace. I hope they help you as well.


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