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If He Wants To Leave, Move Out of the Way

You’ve been going through it with your guy for a while now. The “fight” in you won’t let you move on. “I don’t want to start over from scratch,” is the excuse you’ve convinced yourself to believe but you and I both know the massive amounts of BS that lies there. You, however, have fed yourself this lie so many times that it is now your truth. You know the relationship is not right. You see it. The flags have been flying for quite some time now. In fact, this guy you love has clocked out a long time ago but chooses to stay physically present for whatever ridiculous reason he’s mustered up in his head.  Perhaps, the pure satisfaction of him being able to say, “You’re the one who ended us… not me” or perhaps the coward in him is so prevalent that he is willing to stay so long as you allow him.  He may just want to squeeze every inch of goodness out of you before it all comes burning down.

Whatever the case may be, it’s madness. It’s over honey! It’s been over and actually, it’s dead.  The relationship you once had or wished for is done. He continues to tell you this with is actions… or non-actions.  Why are you still there wasting time? If he wants to leave, do yourself a favor and help him pack. The fight is only impactful when two people are in the ring.  If he is not in the ring with you, with his fists up, then blot the sweat off your face, put your heels back on and step out of the ring


Women are often times guilty of trying to wish their way into ideal relationships but just like you have to do work for self-development and growth, so does he.  Allow him the time and the space needed to realize with you is where he wants to be or not be. Allow yourself the opportunity to be the love you need so that you can attract the love that you want.


…besides you don’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t want to be with you.  You don’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t pour into you the love and adoration that you deserve. You don’t. Trust me. That’s wack.

Be great.


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