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At What Point Do You Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

We spend way too much time trying to make a person become the fantasy that lives in our heads. We actually waste a shit load of time convincing ourselves that this person can be or might be … if only we hope a little harder. If only we show him what could be if we acted differently, complained less, and loved more then he might warp into this magic being like the princess that kissed the frog and got a prince. If we clenched our fists, closed our eyes, and tapped our little red slippers together then maybe, just maybe the toxic relationship would dissolve into euphoric bliss.

This fallacy is a fool’s paradise.

The plethora of time we waste pretending and hoping is time that could be spent making priceless memories with people who actually love us. This is time that could be used conversing with someone who actually enjoy our conversation. It is time spent…gone…and never to return again.

What makes us even more foolish is the blind eye we turn to the truths that our disreputable partner conveys while sitting in the lies of what we wish would be.

His truth remains on the surface but our desire to have what is not (and possibly, what will never be) prevents us from seeing them. Every time he calls you a name, he is telling you his truth.  When he disregards your feelings, he is revealing a truth. When he belittles and undervalues you or is passionless and full of apathy… it is all truths… truths about what type of person he is. Truths about his character. His actions and his words might all be fallacies but they portray so may truths.

When are you going to stop living in your lie and open your eyes to the truth.  If you accept truths as they are in each moment and make your decisions off of what IS instead of what should, could, would be then maybe you’ll stumble upon a lasting peace. One that’s free of worry, what if’s, and wishes.

At what point will you walk away?

Seriously. Let me know in the comments below

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