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GrayLOVE 011: How I Made Google My Ultimate Side Hustle + Everything I Know About Blogging For A Check

This episode is for those who are in between wanting to believe you can make money online and thinking that it’s all a bunch of scammy shit. I go into great detail about how I actually get checks from Google and how I’ve used it as my primary source of income. I walk you through how you can do it too. This is a realistic talk about how you can have Google as your side hustle and also make full-time bill paying money from a business online.

This episode is the simple version of it all, spoken in a way that is broken down so that you can understand the basics and then decide if you want to continue the journey or not.

I am giving a full detailed breakdown of all the steps mentioned in the podcast that warranted further explanation to those signed up to the GRAYLOVE Email list.


Ask me any questions regarding this podcast in the comment section or find me on Instagram and twitter @iam_kim to ask me more!.

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