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GrayLOVE 009: Joyce and Debra Glenn on the Power of Being a Woman + Knowing your Worth

This episode is for those women who, like me, sometimes need a reminder of how powerful we as women really are.  We are so busy taking care of our families and everyone else that we forget how much value we hold. Joyce and Debra Glenn (“the Glenn Twins”) talk to me about how to boost your confidence and realize the power that we have in our dating lives, in relationships, and in our work lives.  We talk about how women should allow men to pursue them instead of women taking the lead because just as women are nurturers by nature, men are chasers and they like the pursuit of a woman.

We also talk about Joyce and Debra’s personal path to self-development and how they cut out drinking to clear their mind and lost weight in the process.

Some Links that we mentioned in the episode

  1.  Joyce and Debra’s website.
  2. Their Book: Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness
  3.  Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra Announce Latest 21-Day Meditation Experience ‘Shedding the Weight’

Here are a few points from the episode:

  1.  Women add a tremendous amount of power that many fail to realize
  2. Make your wants and needs completely clear in relationships.
  3. when you are so focused on achieving something you aren’t really concerned with other people.
  4. Anytime a women is a woman hater. I know that her personal life is not together. She’s not busy enough.
  5. Why do women feel like they have to chase men? It’s in a man ‘s nature to pursue a man.
  6. It’s best for a woman to sit back, let a man court you and see who your prospects are.
  7. Sex can be casuals and respectful.
  8. Power of women

power of women

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