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GrayLOVE 002: The Break Up From His Perspective

In this episode, you hear from my fiance about the break up that ripped our relationship apart a few years back.  You learn his feelings on why we broke up and how it changed him as a man but also how I was able to deal with the break-up.  This is a follow up from the xoNecole article that I wrote about how breakup brought us together.

If you haven’t read the initial story about our break up CLICK HERE to head over to Basically, it speaks on how and why I sporadically gave my boyfriend (now fiance) of 4 years 30 days to leave our home and how I moved on with my life without him

What I hope you learn from this episode is to stay true to yourself in any relationship.

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How to Deal With The Break Up That You Are Going Through

  1. Don’t Try to Change Your Mate: Focus on yourself and forget about being the victim. Realize that you are in control of your own life this includes moving on from an unhealthy relationship.
  2. Spend More Time With Family and Friends: Occupy your time with people you love. Don’t allow yourself time to sit and soak in your own sorrows.
  3. Spend More Time With Yourself: Get comfortable with being alone so that you won’t depend on the presence of another person to make you happy. Take yourself to dinner. Go watch a movie alone. Have a picnic in the park alone. Focus on self development.
  4. Make the Break up about You: The best way not to fall victim to your situation is to make it about you. It’s easy to say “he or she did this or that” which is why we broke up but don’t point fingers.  Instead think “I need more time to grow spiritually and emotionally” or “I want to make sure this is where I want to be” forget about what the other person did.


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  3. Keep It Moving Fitness 

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