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Met Gala 2017: The Least You Should Know

You don’t have to be into gorgeous gowns and red carpets to care about the Met Gala 2017. Turns out, it’s fashion’s most important party but there is more to it than celebrity photo-ops. It’s actually an invitation-only fundraiser to benefit New York’s Metropolitan Museum

The best swimsuits 2017

Swimsuit Trends You’re Going to See In 2017

We know… It seems like you just sprung your clock forward to escape the wrath of winter and now it’s time to prepare for summer, beach vacations and pool parties. You’ve packed your cute winter scarfs away only to replace that empty drawer real estate

3 Easy Steps To Wash Your Toddler’s Hair

Getting your toddler to sit still for anything is a pretty difficult task so getting their hair clean will require patience and lots of swift movement on your part. It might take you almost an hour to prep, shampoo, condition, detangle and style your hair