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GrayLOVE010 -When Meaningful Friendships Fail + A Lesson on Reciprocity In Relationships & Friendships

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one person to another and this episode is for those who, like me, lacked reciprocity in a relationship that matters.  I learned the hard way that reciprocity in relationships, even with your girlfriends is important and a two-way street. I cry a lot in this episode but through my tears I want you to hear the lesson in intentionally adding value to the lives of people that you love.

It’s crazy because I always say to others that if a person doesn’t add some type of value to your life then you should cut them out. I never thought about the consequences of you not adding value to a person’s life, even if it’s unintentional.  I hope that my pain in this episode will teach us all a valuable lesson in friendship.

Thank you to my Dear Sister for being everything I need her to be and sharing her wisdom with me to share with you. It’s so easy for you to point blame as to why a friendship ended but this episode is about taking ownership in the part that we play in anything.

Reciprocity in Relationships: What I learn from this Talk with Brooke

  1. When you speak to someone don’t make it all about you probe into that relationships and ask about that other person.
  2. Everything is how it should be and the things I don’t like I have the power to change it


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