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GrayLOVE 012: Mr. Gray on Being Best-friends + Lovers in a Relationship, The Rise of Hip-Hop Artist Cardi B & His View on Taking a Knee

This episode is for those who need to work on the friendship part of their relationship. I have Mr. gray himself talking about how we became best friends in our relationship and the realization that many people aren’t like that. We talk about how to live light-heatedly and how vowing to being a better friend to your lover can improve your relationship tremendously.

We also talk about the #1 billboard artist Cardi B and her rise to the top. We have differing opinions but it makes for a good conversation.

Lastly, we touch on Colin Kaepernick and how his protest of the flag has sparked conversation on police injustice and inequality in this country. We challenge each other to take more action as a family and we challenge you to have the same conversation with your family

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