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One Reason Your Chicken is Always Dry & Bland : A Good Seasoning for Chicken

Dry chicken is the worst. It makes the best dishes bland, the simple dishes boring and can turn dinner time into a chore instead of time to reconnect with your family over delicious food. You can actually contribute to the productivity of your week if you have a good seasoning for chicken and prep a big batch at the beginning of the week.

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The Problem

The problem with most peoples meals, on busy and on free days, is that they rush through the prep stages. You throw the block of meat on the stove (or microwave) and expect it to taste good. Slow down. Put the thought in the preparation of your dishes. Most cases that extra thought will save you time overall.

Chicken (for non-vegetarians) can be a go-to option for quick weekday meals. You can literally make a million different dishes with it. If you learn to use a good seasoning for chicken you’ll be able to prepare a big batch on your off days and use it to make 15 min meals during the week so that you can be chilling on the couch with your glass of wine and your family fed before the sun sets.

good seasoning for chicken

A Good Seasoning for Chicken


Kosher Salt. Do not use table salt. You know, the one that says IODINE. Throw that one out. It contains too much other crap in it to keep it from clumping and all we need is… SALT

The trick is to ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) soak your chicken in a saltwater solution before cooking.  This process is called brining.  It’s when you submerge your chicking in a bath of water and a bit of salt (sugar or other spices).  In a perfect world, you would brine your chicken an entire day before you cook it but if you forgot, as soon as you walk in the door (before you take your bag off of your shoulder),  put the chicken in the salt bath and leave it on the counter for the hour or two it takes you to unwind before you start cooking. PLEASE. It makes a hell of a difference. I can always tell when a chicken has not been brined. It’s a distinctive taste that you will learn immediately after trying this for the first time.

A chicken that has not been brined screams amateur. It’s the epitome of a struggle plate.

After you’ve blessed your chicken with a good brine, you can bake it, fry it, boil it, sautee it and it will be deliciously better.  It’s toddler approved in my home because I simply brine chicken and boil (poach) it then cut it in tiny squares for my 3-year-old and he devours it every time.  “More chicken please.”

Don’t Worry About Too Much Salt

The primary role of salt in food is to amplify the flavor of it.  I read once that your food should be “SALTED NOT SALTY.”  Salted food requires continuous taste testing and adjusting.  This does not mean use a shit load of salt more often. It simply means use better salt and use it at the right time.

For example, salt while cooking will give more flavor than pouring it on at the table and brining (salt before cooking) will plus one the flavor even more.

If you are worried about having too much salt because salt got a bad rep. Don’t.  Homecooked food has WAY less sodium than any processed package or fast-food restaurant placed.

Unless your doctor told you to skip salt altogether, I’d grab the kosher and consider it the good seasoning for chicken.

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