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Category Archives: WELLNESS + FITNESS

Kombucha Benefits

Wondering About Kombucha Benefits?

We know you’ve probably seen it as you scroll through your social media feeds. That fermented black or green tea beverage that all of the health nuts obsess over.  It seems like yet another health and fitness trend you want to avoid but some Kombucha benefits

Juice Not From Concentrate? What Does It Mean

It seems like every time you kickstart a new health wellness journey  you vow to ditch the junk food, eat more vegetables and drink fresh juice. Your first trip to the market usually involves loading up on  brown rice, beans and stocking up on fresh

Rice Bowls for healthy meals idea

Eat Healthy This Week For $30 or Less

Half of the battle with being able to eat healthy during the week is not knowing what to eat. The other half is not breaking the bank trying to do it.  Not spending your entire evening over a hot stove is another we can add

Breakfast for weight loss

A No Cooking Required Healthy Breakfast: Eat This Every Morning

Eating breakfast is the thing I have the most trouble with daily and Eating a healthy breakfast is almost impossible if I don’t plan in advance and if it’s not quick.Usually I am rushing to work or recovering from a night out with friends and breakfast tends

Mediation WOrkout

Affirmations + Toning: Abs, Core & Career Success

Affirmations + Toning is an at home workout series dedicated to exercising your mind and your body. Each video will target a different muscle group as well as an area in your life that deserves care. Our tongue is our most powerful weapon and I

10 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Weight Loss Results

As you get settled into the New Year, it’s easy to start to feel a little resistance with any of you goals, especially working out. The top of the year hype has died down and it’s becoming difficult to stay focused. It’s even worse when