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Category Archives: Home Living + Parenting

ways to make your bed

Ways to Make Your Bed to Lift Your Mood

We’ve all heard the teaching, ‘Making your bed will set you up for a better day.’ If you are a bed maker then you know it’s often one of your first accomplishments of the day; an easy check off your long list of things to

white bean soup

Turkey, Spinach, and White Bean Soup [To Die For]

This soup will make you so glad you brought your lunch to work instead of spending $10.00 on office deli BS.  It was amazing after I first made it but it was DAMN good as a left over. Those are my favorite types of meals.

Amazon fresh reviews

Amazon Fresh v. Local Grocery Market: The Pros & Cons

This article wasn’t even supposed to happen. I just wanted to enjoy my last day of the weekend without having an agenda. I wanted to wake up late, lounge around in my pajamas, catch up on Netflix and maybe even finish a few loads of

3 Easy Steps To Wash Your Toddler’s Hair

Getting your toddler to sit still for anything is a pretty difficult task so getting their hair clean will require patience and lots of swift movement on your part. It might take you almost an hour to prep, shampoo, condition, detangle and style your hair