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Category Archives: Household Managment

Bedtime routines

Two Additions to Bedtime Routines That Will Upgrade Your Nights

Bedtime routines can be a toss-up between total chaos and distant memories. Especially when there are kids involved. You either remember the unorganized challenge it took to get everyone settled and tucked away or you wake up the next morning not knowing what happened, how

ways to make your bed

Ways to Make Your Bed to Lift Your Mood

We’ve all heard the teaching, ‘Making your bed will set you up for a better day.’ If you are a bed maker then you know it’s often one of your first accomplishments of the day; an easy check off your long list of things to

How to Manage Laundry Day

How to Stay Sane and Conquer Laundry Day [Step-by-Step]

Let’s face it, laundry is one of those things the majority of us dread tackling, especially if you have a large family.  We would probably go without wearing any clothes if it meant we didn’t have to touch a load.  Of course, that’s too good