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Two Additions to Bedtime Routines That Will Upgrade Your Nights

Bedtime routines can be a toss-up between total chaos and distant memories. Especially when there are kids involved. You either remember the unorganized challenge it took to get everyone settled and tucked away or you wake up the next morning not knowing what happened, how you got in bed, or who turned off the television. Establishing a tranquil and peaceful routine for each night will drastically affect your stress levels and quality of sleep.


I was tired of dreading the pushback I got from my kids at bedtime and the resentment I felt with my husband for not helping more to make it less stressful. I decided to revamp our bedtime routines and by revamp I mean, I decided to create one because ours was nonexistent.  We just crashed and hoped for the best. There was no structure. Some nights we didn’t even eat. So long as the kids were fed, my husband and I were good. The night went as good as the day was. That meant a stressful day warranted an even more stressful night.

For my own sanity, I decided not to throw these new bedtime routines onto my family all at once.  I knew the resistance would probably cause me to quit soon after I started. Instead, I slowly implemented different levels of structure over a total of four weeks.  Eventually,  created a schedule and stuck to it, we ate dinner together, incorporated bath and storytime,  and I found some personal time for myself after the night was over.  There were, however, two things that were responsible for the bedtime peace.  They can be added to a variety of bedtime routines and be just as effective.

Bedtime routines


Add These to Your Bedtime Routines

  1. Change of Attitude/A Positive Outlook: Sounds simple right but this one was big for us. We vowed that no matter how crappy our day was, we would switch gears when it’s time to wind down and give our children a positive experience. Which meant we had to put bedtime on our calendar and prepare to shut all things down at the designated time and be happy about it. No more yelling at each other or the kids, no more rushing through dinner or skipping dinner. We decided to make the end of the day a family experience to look forward to.
  2. Incorporate Essential oils: Either we snuck some lavender in the bath with the kids while singing songs to them, or we added a drop to their tiny toes for a kiddo foot massage while reading them books under dim lights. We even diffused the oils in our diffuser as they listened to the sounds of white noise while we each told stories of our day.

It was all a vibe. It made us slow down. It forced us to reflect. These subtle changes, especially the shift in our attitude, made our bedtime routines pleasant, and now our favorite part of the day.

Comment below with your entire bedtime routine and let me know if these two additions would make a difference for you. 



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