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10 Things I Hate About Motherhood

Yesterday when both of my kids were crying at the same time, I wrote on Instagram, “SOMETIMES I HATE MOTHERHOOD. I got 23 private dm messages from moms saying “me too” or “you are not alone”  and praising me for my candor. This baffles me. Am I wrong for saying that sometimes I hate motherhood? I didn’t say I hate these annoying ass kids or that I hate being a mother. I said I hate motherhood, SOMETIMES. that could mean a number of things. It could mean I hate the part of motherhood where my husband doesn’t help me as much or I hate the mom guilt… I mean, it’s so many things to hate about motherhood in all of its beauty … why is it taboo to speak your truth? Why are people so fake on social media that truths are shockers? I decided to share my truth here. Here are 10 things I hate about motherhood.

10 things I hate about motherrhood

10 Things I Hate About Motherhood


  1.  It’s non-stop. Sometimes I’d like a break but even when I get a physical break, my mind is still in mom mode. Did my kids get a bath? Will someone bully them? Should I feed them Gluten? Should I befriend this other mom so my kid can have a play date? DAMN IT!
  2. The judgment and unsolicited advice. Somebody is always judging you about something.  Breastfeed or don’t? Work from home or not? Fuck everybody…
  3. It’s isolating.  Friends and family disappear when you need them. People only ask about the baby and not you.  Your husband/boyfriend will never understand the emotional roller coaster
  4. Your time is not yours.  You can’t even run into the gas station “real quick.” Everything has to be planned out. No more Mrs. Wing it.
  5. Less sex/romance. Because there is always a kid to tend to and probably one in the bed with you and your man.
  6. You get less invites to parties and outings. Friends assume you can’t or don’t want to go… BITCH, INVITE ME AND LET ME SAY NO. the answer will probably be no.
  7. You can’t sleep in. No matter what time the kid goes to sleep… he wakes up at 7. Fuck!
  8. Your Mom or Mother-in-law Never Follows Your directions... because they raised kids before so they continuously disrespect you and your wishes… “Mom, I said no cereal in his milk, HOW THE FUCK IS THAT HARD”
  9. Your Man/Husband has it easy… Ugh, they just pass everything off on you regarding kids/household and you take it because… YOU ARE MOM.
  10. You lose yourself.  These kids become your everything. You love them more and more while ignoring you. Your identity minus kids become nonexistent. Suddenly, you don’t even know what to do without your kids so you turn down friends invites, ignore your husband, fill free time with kid things.  Mom is now your identity. You forgot who _______ (insert your first name) was.


There… I said it.

You are not alone. I call motherhood beautiful chaos. It is literally the best thing that could ever happen to a person but it will also send everything else into a whirlwind. For advice and tips on how to not get lost in motherhood. Join the free email list.

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